When we think of safeguarding our home with a security system, our goal is to protect our possessions and loved ones from intruders. However, many people may not be aware of the health perks associated with having a quality security system. These health benefits can not only improve the security of a home, but also the well-being of those inside with the assistance of special features. These days, with the progression of technology, home security is more of a lifestyle that offers convenience and peace of mind.

Homes with elderly, disabled individuals and aging parents could benefit from features, such as emergency medical alert devices, two-way voice, GPS technology, and alarm reminders that many security system companies are now offering. These alarms and monitors are perfect for those who live alone or individuals who tend to spend a lot of time by themselves.

Emergency Medical Alert Devices: Medical alert devices can come in the form of easy-to-wear, waterproof pendants or bracelets that will offer useful features: fall detection and 24/7 monitoring from long ranges. If your loved one takes a fall, the system’s sensors will alert home security professionals. When pressed, the pendants and bracelets can transfer the alert to the base unit from long ranges, which will indicate that the individual is in danger.

Two-Way Voice: Once the system receives an alert from the device, the central station operators will communicate with the individual and send the appropriate emergency assistance.

GPS Technology: Through the system’s monitoring features, security professionals can pinpoint an individual’s exact location should they be lost, disoriented or simply in need of help.

Alarm Reminders: Reminders can be programmed into the system to maintain schedules and appointments. For instance, loved ones will easily receive reminders on when to take medication or prepare for doctor appointments.

Other features offered by some security systems include smart pill dispensers, emergency medical kits tailored to individual conditions, and specific vital sign monitoring options.

How American Guardian Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

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